Union Hotel & Colonial Restaurant
1282 Susquehanna Rd.
Port Deposit, MD.



I experienced the Union Hotel for the first time during one of our Chapter Rides. Ron Gue was leading us thru some truly beautiful horse country - rolling green pastures dotted with red barns. Not long after, we crossed the Susquehanna river on Rt. 1, which goes right across Conowingo dam.

Just after crossing the river on the dam, and coming into Cecil County in Maryland, we turned right on a road that ran along the river. Just down the road we turned left into a biker's paradise. This was my first sight of the Union Hotel and Tavern.

It was a beautiful day, very sunny. There must have been 300 bikes parked all over the place. Huge trees everywhere.... people talking in groups, drinking beer from cups, and eating pit beef barbeque. My kind of place!


Walking up the path, admiring the row of parked bikes, I found the tavern. The place is great! The beer was cold, and the pit beef was hot and tasty!

Up the hill from the tavern is the Union Hotel. Janice, the owner, lives upstairs on the property. Downstairs features circa 1790's atmosphere complete with candlelight, warm hearths and food service catered by servers in colonial attire. The menu is superb, offering selections ranging from 32 oz. prime rib dinners to filet mignon, lobster tails, unusual pasta dishes, PLUS bear steaks, frog legs and 'gator tail (all in season) It is a great place to experience Maryland history and as you can imagine it is quite popular on Sundays!

If you'd like information on reservations and early-bird and weekend specials, call their number - (410) 378-3503

Lunch - Tu-Sat 11-3 p.m.
Dinner - Tu-Th 5:30-9 p.m., Fri-Sat 5:30-10 p.m., Sunday !-9 p.m.

Did I mention they have live bands playing at the Tavern? Well, they do... Janice hauled in truckloads of sand and put it behind the tavern, built a few picnic tables, hired a band... and VOILA!! Instant beach party.

In a nutshell - this is by far the best biker friendly bar I've come across in this neck of the woods. But even back home in Texas, only one other place comes to mind that I liked better. Luchenbach, Texas. Remember that song? I was partying there when they wrote it. Anyway... The Union Hotel comes real close to having the same kind of atmosphere that we had at Luchenbach.

I love this joint! If you haven't been there yet, you gotta go. (Really. You just gotta.)

Bill Hester