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We've all been to places that struck us as truly unique. That "special place" that has its memory locked away in your heart... Maybe the sun was setting on the bay just as a flock of geese crossed into view and it left you marveling at the beauty of nature.

Or, maybe your favorite place was a bustling city thriving with activity as you sat on a side street veranda savoring an ice cream cone...

Or - you thrive on the roar of thousands of Harleys as they "strut their stuff" on Main street at Daytona.

Whatever your special place is... we'd like to hear about it. This section is for members to share their favorite destinations with other members. (Hey - we'd like to go too!)

To submit your destination:

  • send an email to
  • write a description of your ride, include pictures if possible
  • include directions to the place, if you know them. If not, try to give us a good idea where it is, we will research the rest.

Once we receive your entry, it will be posted in this section for other members to enjoy and explore.

Your help and participation is greatly appreciated!

Carol Davidson - Director










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