Riding the Loop -
Daytona Beach, Florida



What is the loop? It's freedom, sunshine, open road and graceful curves... It's called "The Loop" and it's a riders dream.

On a map, it's shaped like a comfortable old low-top leather boot (with the toe pointing south). The route begins at Granada Bridge on the beachside in Ormond Beach.

From the bridge, you ride past beautiful homes on John Anderson Drive, north along the river.

(click for larger image)

Soon you come to a more pristine area where tree branches entwine as they meet overhead.

Six to eight miles into the ride you make the first turn of the loop. From there you go west and cross the High Bridge.

Soon you arrive at Walter Boardman Lane in Bulow Creek State Park - absolutely gorgeous here- take some pictures! Linger awhile then move on to the Old Dixie Highway where you turn south and continue down the winding road.


Old Dixie Highway winds eastward past the Tomoka River Basin. You then find yourself in Tomoka State Park, where the Timucuan Indian statue proudly stands as a reminder of earlier times.

After another round of picture taking, you pass through the park and are ready to head south along the Halifax River. Traveling down North Beach Street, you return, invigorated, to the bridge on the opposite end from which the trip began.

Bring your camera, maybe a boxed lunch, and enjoy. Having ridden the 20-mile loop, you've seen beaches, beautiful homes and a tunnel of entwined tree branches.